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Structural Fiber POLIFIBER PLUS® (CE)



POLIFIBER PLUS® is a modified polyolefin structural fiber, designed to be added to shotcrete and poured concrete making it able to avoid cracking and increase its durability, improving metal meshes and fibers attributes and reducing costs.

These fibers replace the armor designed to absorb tensile forces created during the concrete setting and hardening process, making it possible to substitute either totally or partially, depending on the case, the main armors.

Our fiber is specifically indicated to be used in:

  • Concrete slabs, screeds and floors, as well as precast elements.
  • Shotcrete and projected mortar, used in tunnels, mining, pools …
  • Piers and marine platforms.
  • Security structures: glue, safe, armor.
  • In general, for concretes that are used to increase the tensile strength, impact resistance, and energy absorption capacity.

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Polypropylene Fiber POLIFIBER® (CE)


POLIFIBER® is a reinforcing fiber, produced with polypropylene multifilament, studied to be added to mortars and concretes in order to reduce the cracking and increase its durability and impact resistance, as well as tensile strength and compression resistance, becoming an effective and inexpensive alternative to the metal mesh and fibers when it comes to control the cracking.

During the setting time increases the internal tension and pressure of the concrete, causing micro-cracks which could turn into bigger ones. The metal mesh and fibers are useful just when this process has already happened and the concrete is cracked, while POLIFIBER® prevents its formation when the concrete is in plastic state.

Our product is specially indicated to be added to:

  • Concrete slabs, screeds and floors.
  • Concrete pavements.
  • Shotcrete and projected mortar. •
  • Precast elements.
  • Cementitious overlays.
  • Facade grouting.
  • Mortars in general.

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Our Fiberglass is designed to be added in mortar and concrete in order to reduce cracking, and give it a reinforcement effect.

We have different kinds of fibers, according to the reinforcement function that you want to contribute to the concrete.

We can adapt certain characteristics of the product, such as the presentation format of the fibers, according to the requirements of our customers.

In addition, we are manufacturers of Polypropylene Structural Fiber and Anti-Cracking Polypropylene Fiber for concrete and mortars.

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Fibra Estructural de Polipropileno POLIFIBER PLUS Fibra Anti-fisuración de Polipropileno POLIFIBER